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we provide service in saskatoon for:

saskatoon walk-in coolers

We provide a variety of options for walk-in coolers and freezers in Saskatoon. We offer self-contained top mount, remote refrigeration, freezer and cooler combo units, and more options. We walk you through the initial sale and install of new equipment, as well as maintenance, repairs and retrofits.

retail display cases in saskatoon

We offer sales, install, service and preventative maintenance on many different styles of refrigerated display cases to ensure not only proper temperatures and airflow but also to maintain optimal lighting, cleanliness and visual appearance retail  and display coolers in Saskatoon.

saskatoon ice machines

We offer sale and install of ice machines in Saskatoon, as well as professional ice machine cleaning and maintenance for sanitary ice production in compliance with health codes.

saskatoon refrigeration equipment & parts

Serving Saskatoon with sales and install of any parts needed for your refrigeration equipment. We stock all common refrigerants and have quick access to less common ones.

saskatoon prep tables for saskatoon food service establishments

We carry a variety of sizes, styles and brands of prep tables including options with drawer coolers, drawer freezers, pizza, salad and sandwich prep stations, and more.

saskatoon air conditioners

Regular maintenance on commercial units can help reduce high energy costs.  Maintenance can prevent major failure before it happens and keep the equipment running optimal. In Saskatchewan, we are sure to experience dramatic changes in weather. Proper maintenance and pre-season inspections can greatly reduce the risk of untimely break down resulting in the need for emergency service. Along with the cost saving benefits of preventative maintenance, inspection of heat exchangers and safety circuits are critical to ensure the health and safety of yourself, customers and guests.

emergency refrigeration service in saskatoon

Our licensed refrigeration technicians are available to provide 24-hour emergency service to Saskatoon customers to keep your business running smoothly at all times.

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