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we provide service for:

walk-in coolers

Sask Valley Refrigeration provides walk-In coolers and freezers from top manufactures and customize it to your needs. We offer self-contained top mount, remote refrigeration, combo (freezer & cooler) units, and more options. We can help you select the best set up for your needs. Sask Valley Refrigeration will be there from Sale, Install, Start Up and continue to maintain the equipment. Walk-In refrigeration is an important part to most food production, grocery stores, c-stores and restaurants. A walk-in unit not working properly could cost thousand of dollars in lost inventory. Proper maintenance on a walk-in cooler/freezer will increase energy efficiency, improve the longevity of the equipment and help cut down costly emergency service.

display cases

Sask Valley Refrigeration offers, sales, install, service and preventative maintenance on many different styles of cases including Multi-Deck Merchandisers, Glass Door Freezers and Coolers, Self-Service, Wide Islands, Bar Coolers, Glass Chillers, Self-Contained, Remote Refrigeration, Floral Cases, Beverage Display Coolers and more. This type of equipment not only refrigerates but is often front and center to display products for your customers. We understand the importance of proper lighting, cleanliness and visual appearance of display cases, along side airflow and proper temperatures.

Preventative maintenance can help you avoid disruption in your operations. We will also be there for any emergency service needs to keep your business running smoothly.

ice machines

Sask Valley Refrigeration offers Sale, Install and Maintenance/Cleaning of ice machines. A dependable and clean ice machine is an essential part of any food service or hospitality operation. An ice machine cleaning is beneficial to both your customers and equipment. Ice machines build up slime and scale during regular operation. benefits include:

  •         Sanitary ice production
  •         Health code compliance
  •         Promotes ice machine functionality
  •         Extends life and increases performance of machine
  •         Increases ice yield
  •         Cuts down on emergency repair costs

Average time between cleaning is 60 to 90 days depending on the type of ice machine. It is important to hire a professional to handle the machine cleaning. Scale needs to be cleaned with an approved cleaner for that machine and a licensed refrigeration technician will have access to the right products.

refrigeration equipment & parts

Sask Valley Refrigeration provides Sales and Install of the parts needed for your equipment. This includes Condenser Fan Motors, Evaporator Fan Motors, Fan Blades, Temperature Controls, Thermal Expansion Valves, Semi-Hermetic Compressors, Hermetic Compressors, Scroll Compressors, Crank Case Heaters, Contactors, Transformers, Relays, Capacitors, Overloads, Service Valves, Evaporator Coils, Condensing Units, Door Hinges, Door Handles, Door Gaskets, Thermometers and more.

We stock the most common refrigerants and have quick access to the not so common refrigerants, whatever your system needs. Some refrigerants R404a, R507, R22, R134A, R437A (MO49),407C, R410A, R290, R414B, R402A(HP80) and more.

If you have equipment using a no longer available refrigerant, such as R12, we can retrofit it to today’s standards. With many refrigerants scheduled to be phased out, it is important to make the best choices based on cost, oil compatibility and environmental impact when considering new equipment, retrofits and repairs.

prep tables

Sask Valley Refrigeration offers sales, install, service and preventative maintenance for prep tables including Pizza Prep, Sandwich/ Salad preparation tables, Drawer Coolers, Drawer Freezers and more. We have access to brand name equipment and a variety of sizes and styles. Prep lines cooling properly keeps your ingredients fresh and ready to serve. For restaurant and foodservice establishments a defective prep table can affect safety and operation. We know this piece of equipment is important to the function of your business and we will be there to repair it right.

air conditioners

Regular maintenance on commercial units can help reduce high energy costs.  Maintenance can prevent major failure before it happens and keep the equipment running optimal. In Saskatchewan, we are sure to experience dramatic changes in weather. Proper maintenance and pre-season inspections can greatly reduce the risk of untimely break down resulting in the need for emergency service. Along with the cost saving benefits of preventative maintenance, inspection of heat exchangers and safety circuits are critical to ensure the health and safety of yourself, customers and guests.

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