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As the season’s change, ensure that your commercial refrigeration unit is ready for the elements with Sask Valley’s Preventative Maintenance program. Don’t take your cool air for granted—our service team are certified HVAC technicians who know how to prevent disruptive and disastrous refrigeration failures.


What is HVAC and why is it important?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. An HVAC system relies on principles of thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer in order to help keep every part of your business running smoothly; clean air and temperature control are essential to keeping your place of business open and comfortable. These exact same systems are what also keeps your refrigeration system working smoothly. As such, it is imperative that you have expert care to maintain these complex systems.


Do I really need to hire an HVAC certified technician?

Every type of HVAC system requires a skilled technician to prevent costly repairs, especially in an emergency. Because an HVAC system is essential to keeping your inventory, staff, building, produce, and clients safe, we believe in providing and prioritizing certified technicians for the job. Temperature control is imperative in maintaining safe food handling conditions. While we take refrigerators and freezers for granted, these systems are actually very complex, requiring maintenance and care to keep your customers safe and your business operational. 

It is also important to remember that operational doesn’t necessarily mean your system is functioning efficiently. You can significantly reduce your operating costs by ensuring your system is using less energy to be more effective. Our certified HVAC technicians can ensure that your refrigeration system is better than operational and prevent expensive failures.


Four indicators that you’re refrigeration system is malfunctioning:

  1. Inconsistent temperature is one of the first indicators of a malfunctioning refrigeration system. You may notice food spoiling quicker in some areas of your walk-in, or some things freezing when stored on the bottom shelf. 
  2. Doors slamming on their own? It’s not a ghost. Inconsistent air pressure is a tell tale sign that you’ve got poor airflow, a primary indicator of refrigeration failure.
  3. Barely any change in temperature even when you adjust the thermostat? Now you’re really seeing an advanced case of malfunction. With preventative maintenance this problem would not arise in the first place. 
  4. Is your fridge just blowing warm air? This is one part of what constitutes an emergency—especially if maintaining a consistent temperature is fundamental to your business!


Your Business saves money with Preventative Maintenance

Having a certified HVAC technician care for your refrigeration systems means they can diagnose a potential failure ahead of it being an emergency and ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible before it breaks—saving you money on your operating costs. Taking care of your complex commercial refrigeration systems while they run healthily is essential. Protect your business with our comprehensive preventative maintenance packages.

At Sask Valley Refrigeration, we always stress preventative maintenance over emergency repairs. Your refrigeration needs are our primary concern, and we want to keep your systems running with our expert service. Give us a call today to learn more about our 24-hour emergency services and preventative maintenance.