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At Sask Valley Refrigeration, we have a number of preventative maintenance programs designed specifically for your needs. If you’re in the restaurant industry, you already know that your walk-in coolers can incur costly repairs. Collaborating with your certified HVAC technician on regular upkeep to your unit is essential. A well running machine depends on consistent upkeep, but that work will save you time and money in the long run. Here are some basic tips for maintaining your walk-in system.

5 regular maintenance tips to ensure your commercial walk-in cooler runs efficiently

1. Coils

It is imperative that you remove any debris from your unit daily. Any number of items, bugs, and crumbs can get stuck in the cooler or it’s essential parts (like the rubber seal). This debris can build up over time causing seals to malfunction, mould to develop, or create an unsightly display. 

2. Clean fans and grills

About once every month, we suggest you check and clean the evaporator coils and their housing. These coils are the component responsible for the cold air your unit receives… so you can see why it is critical that you maintain them! This area is located behind a fan which blows cold air into your unit. Without proper cleaning, the coils, fan, and housing area can accumulate dust and debris, causing them to function poorly. 

3. Surfaces

Using soapy water, clean the walls, door gaskets, and shelves of mould, food particles, and any other dust or dirt. Sweep and mop the cooler daily, and try to keep boxes and food products off of the floor. Mould is a huge concern with any walk-in cooler, especially when ill-maintained. Always check door hinges and other hard to reach areas to ensure that mould doesn’t become a problem for your commercial walk-in unit

4. Check and clean drain lines

Thorough inspection and cleaning of your cooler’s drain lines is a necessary part of regular maintenance. Schedule a regular cleaning with your HVAC certified technician for a minimum of twice per year to ensure proper draining.

5. Ensure clear airflow

One easy way to prevent malfunction is to remove any debris or food products from direct airflow areas both inside and outside the cooler. Keep food products on the shelves and organized neatly to allow proper airflow throughout the space.  

Report any indications of malfunction to your certified technician We’ve got the Preventative Maintenance plan for your business, big or small! 

Before it becomes serious, report any malfunctions like fluctuating temperatures, any indication of loose parts, or leaks and condensation where there shouldn’t be. It is also important to ensure you repair any damaged parts like damaged seals or broken door latches, as they are essential to maintaining a proper seal on your unit.

Preventative maintenance will save you time and money!  

Talk to us today about our scheduled maintenance plans for your business. Together we can ensure your unit is operating properly and efficiently for its entire lifespan.