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The Importance of Maintaining your Ice Machine 

Equipment maintenance is an integral part of having specialized commercial machines. Keeping up a good preventative maintenance schedule will prevent potentially fatal equipment failures and the need to replace your ice machine prematurely; good maintenance now will stop you from getting a hefty and preventable expense later! To ensure the longevity of your ice machine, here are some ice machine maintenance tips from the pros at Sask Valley Refrigeration. 


5 tips for keeping your ice machine in good order between professional check ups: 

  1. Clean dust and build up on the fan vent on the back of the machine
  2. Turn off the machine, remove all ice, and sanitize the ice bucket
  3. Sanitize all ice buckets and scoops as part of your daily cleaning
  4. Keep the area around the ice machine clear and free of debris and food
  5. Wipe the exterior of the machine daily  


Sask Valley Refrigeration is here to help with all of your preventive maintenance!

Our service technicians are ready to help with your equipment upkeep and maintenance. Ice makers require periodic chemical cleaning, water filter replacements, and check up’s to ensure proper functions and to retain efficiency. We’re ready to help you keep your cool by taking care of your equipment. We take pride in our systems and in providing maintenance service to our clients all over Saskatchewan. 


Book your professional maintenance appointment for your commercial unit

When you book an appointment with us, you can expect our skilled technicians to: 

  1. Clean and sanitize the water system
  2. Check and clean air filters on air-cooled models
  3. Check the external filter system and change cartridges as needed
  4. Inlet water valve screen checks
  5. Bearing and auger inspection
  6. Do a visual inspection of components, controls, and wiring for oil spots, loose wires, loose fasteners, corrosion, or damage

Better safe than sorry

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a busy restaurant service only to discover the ice machine hasn’t made any ice, then you might know why it is so important to keep equipment in good working order. Regular maintenance will keep damaging mineral build up and leaks or other equipment failures from happening and ensure that your machine works efficiently over its lifetime.  Give us a call today to schedule a check up!