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Refrigeration equipment typically serves a very important function in a business’ operations, particularly in food related industries. Your cooling system keeps your temperature sensitive inventory and ingredients stable for storage, and these inventories are extremely valuable to any business reliant on them. But when these cooling and refrigeration systems fail, there is little time to ensure those precious inventories are not lost.  The inventory cost alone is difficult to take on, but the lost revenues from business disruption can be devastating. Our team at SaskValley Refrigeration understands the urgency of the situation, and we have the solution: 24 Hour Emergency Refrigeration Service.

Preventative Maintenance

While 24 hour emergency service is useful when things do not go according to plan, ensuring failure is avoided to start with is an important strategy. Scheduled maintenance services ensure your cooling and refrigeration infrastructure remains operational and performing optimally. We assess all of the mechanical components and perform upkeep tasks as well as replace or repair any potentially compromised elements. Proper and routine maintenance ensures your equipment has longevity, does not fail and remains as efficient as possible.

On-call Service

Providing 24 Emergency service means being accessible and within range of our clients at all times. Our on-duty staff are easily reached by phone and keep a close proximity to our clients locations to ensure quick 24 hour emergency service to Saskatoon and Warman markets. The aim is to arrive on site to repair and revive refrigeration systems before any loss of product can occur.  Our expertly trained and certified refrigeration technicians will quickly identify the problem and get to work on the solution immediately, minimizing or eliminating loss of product and sales revenues. Ensuring you have effective emergency refrigeration service is nearly the best insurance you can have for your valuable assets.

We provide 24 hour service to a variety of systems and equipment including:

  • Walk-in Coolers
  • Display Cases
  • Ice Machines
  • Prep Tables
  • Air Condition
  • General Refrigeration Equipment

Becoming a client of SaskValley Refrigeration ensures that you are receiving consistent preventative maintenance, and also provides you with an around-the-clock team of refrigeration specialists who are ready to take care of any emergencies that might arise.  SaskValley is better than an insurance policy. We have you covered!