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Purchasing new refrigeration equipment is a significant cost for any business, and for many it protects their investment in the products they sell or the ingredients needed in those products. Not only is fixing or replacing broken down equipment costly, so is taking a loss on the products that equipment is intended to protect or expenses incurred due to inefficient damaged equipment. Lost food supplies for a restaurant creates further complications by potentially hindering the business’s ability to deliver to their clientele. There are, however, some key ways you can use preventative maintenance practises to ensure you protect not only your equipment investment, but your refrigerated goods as well.

Proper installation from the start

Refrigeration equipment installation, when done correctly, is the first step in preventative maintenance. For example, the installation of the door mechanism on a walk in cooler is essential to the proper functioning of the refrigerator.  An incorrectly installed door may not form a proper seal on the cooled space, allowing for heat loss and high energy usage. Similarly, the hinges on an incorrectly installed cooler door will wear out significantly faster than on a properly installed door, as this is easily the most high use area of that particular equipment. When correctly installed, equipment is subjected to less wear and tear and operates more efficiently, ensuring minimal costs are incurred during their lifetime.

Identify potential damage risks

Just like installation, insuring attention is paid to avoiding potential damage to your equipment will help increase longevity and ensure equipment requires less repair to maintain efficiency. In the example of the walk-in cooler, ensuring there are no impact points along a door’s swing trajectory will keep it safe from impact damage. Impact damage could affect the hinge integrity and also the door shape — disrupting the seal and allowing for heat loss.  Similarly, the use of a kick plate can limit swing radius and keep a cooler door within safe ranges.  

Regular maintenance of high “wear and tear” points

All refrigeration equipment is mechanical and has identifiable high use points.  Door hinges, seals, control units and fans are great examples of high use points and the mostly likely points where excessive wear and ultimately failure can occur.  Ensuring these high use areas are regularly inspected, serviced and repaired will minimize potential equipment failures and keep performance at peak efficiency. Regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance is the best way to ensure high use points are properly functioning and the overall mechanical operations of your refrigeration equipment stay in top form. 

A combination of proper installation and routine servicing and maintenance will ensure your equipment delivers over a long lifetime with minimal costs. Our team of certified refrigeration technicians are equipped to protect your investment. Call Sask Valley Refrigeration today to find out about our refrigeration service in Saskatoon and Warman area, and to book in your first consultation!

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